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Welcome to Flight Deck Productions. We've just announced our new upcoming training program covering the Concorde!
A320 Training Package featuring Airsimmer A320
Learn the Mad Dog - Order Now! A320 Training Package featuring Airsimmer A320


Welcome to Flight Deck Productions, official home of Learn the Mad Dog. Please feel free to browse our new site and web store.

Flight Deck Productions arrives on the heels of the popular Learn the Mad Dog training series and we're committed to developing other professional training packages for those who are serious about their flight simulator experience.

Our Partners
We are very proud of our partnerships with the following developers.

FlightSim Labs


Scenery Solutions / Flight1 Software
Scenery Solutions

Real Enviroment Xtreme
Real Environment Xtreme

You'll have an opportunity to check out their work in our next training DVDs!

Fly the Mad Dog



Learn Concorde
(April 19th, 2012)
Learn Concorde is in stock and we've begun shipping pre-orders. Order your copy today in our online store!

Learn the A320

Coming Soon!
We are extremely pleased to announce that our next training package will cover the popular Airbus A320. Work on this project is already in full swing and we plan to post previews, contests, and TONS more information very soon...so check back often!

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