Learn Concorde / Learn The Mad Dog 3 Disk Bundle + Study Guide

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Get our complete library of training products including Learn Concorde, Learn the Mad Dog, and the Learn the Mad Dog Study Guide for a single low price!

Learn the Mad Dog will take you through the aircraft’s systems in detail through 16 different sections. Each is professionally narrated and is made clear through videos and diagrams. Once you’ve mastered the systems, part 2 of this presentation will put you in the jump seat as you watch the crew fly from Atlanta International (ATL) to Orlando (MCO). Our extremely popular Study Guide will provide you with the critical reference information you need along with a series of test questions to ensure you know your stuff!
Learn Concorde will guide you through this amazing aircraft’s systems in a way that is clearly understood yet in detail. Each area will be covered in nearly 4 hours of instruction. Many have been intimidated by this aircraft in the past. Here is your chance to rise above and become a try FS Concorde Captain.
Both sets are professionally produced in NTSC format. These DVDs are REGION FREE.
NTSC DVDs play fine on 97% of players around the world. For those in Europe with PAL players, check your setting. If you have a PAL/NTSC/AUTO setting, make sure you play our DVDs with NTSC or AUTO setting.

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